Wintersteiger tuning

Ski service 1

Ski 20, - Euro Board 25, - Euro Band grinding, stone grinding - structure grinding> side edge sanding as well as lower edge finishes, waxes and brushes we gladly check on request also their bond setting.

Ski service 2
Ski 27, - Euro Board 30, - Euro Belt grinding, surface repair (repairing, melting and hardening of covering material), stone grinding - structure grinding> edge grinding and lower edge of finishes, waxes and brushes we are happy to check their binding setting on request.

Ski service, edge tuning, waxing and brushing
Ski & Board 15, - Euro Grind side edge and bottom edge finishes. Please understand that we do not perform this service with rust on ski edges!

Ski service,waxing and brush
Ski & Board 12, - Euro 1. Thoroughly clean the surface 2. waxing and brushing Please understand that we can only carry out this service on edges without rust!